Why should we look into sustainable
packaging production?

Sustainable business not only strengthens the company, but also radiates out to society as a whole. A study conducted by Smithers Pira* in 2017 demonstrated that ecological action and economic success can go hand in hand: 96% of the companies surveyed confirmed that sustainable packaging is important for their business.

From carbon-neutral equipment to waste and energy reduction in the printing process, Heidelberg has the complete offering for sustainable packaging production. It is time to contribute – all the more if it benefits us all.

*"The Importance of Sustainability in Packaging : An independent assessment of the importance of sustainability in packaging by Smithers Pira", Pro Carton.

Download the Smithers Pira & Pro Carton study (PDF)

Megatrend sustainable packagings:
door opener for growth markets.

Retail chains banishing plastic bags from their range or drugstores offering shampoo in bar form and packaged in folding cartons. The trend towards sustainable packagings is unmistakable. Consumers are particularly critical of plastics. So can folding carton printers afford to sit back and relax when it comes to sustainability?

The first step: CO2-neutral from the beginning.

As easy as that: with the decision to buy carbon-offset Heidelberg equipment, you support the reforestation project “Sodo” of the NGO World Vision in Ethiopia, near Mount Damota. This helps communities in this region of Africa to restore soil fertility, inhibit erosion, rehabilitate springs, and increase biodiversity. Ecology begins with the purchase of the machine.

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