Blanking makes the difference.

The Promatrix 106 CSB is fully equipped to consistently perform in demanding folding box production plants: the machine has a non-stop feeder and a non-stop delivery (rake system) which eliminates stops between pallet changes whilst still being able to handle pallets with the typical pile heights found in the folding carton environments.

Several standard features lead to short set-up times: central adjustment of rollers and brushes on the feed table, quick lock frame of the cutting station, fine adjustment system of the cutting plate as well as quick lock systems in the stripping station and the blanking station also with fine adjustment. The motorized adjustment of the cutting pressure along with pneumatic locking systems in the cutting and stripping station supports the operator during every make-ready, making it easy and comfortable to run the machine.

A register system in the feed station, the cutting station and the stripping station ensures that the gripper bar stops every time in the same positions, independent of chain wear. Thereby the machine achieves a high register accuracy and great repeatability job to job.

Options for the machine include a pre-make-ready table and a chase changer to further reduce set-up time. The CSB version works with a tie sheet, which also gives the pallet pile more stability to be transferred to the next production process.

Technical data

Performance data
Sheet format (min.)/with MasterSet300×350 mm / 350×400 mm (11.81×13.78 in / 13.78×15.75 in)
Sheet format (max.)760×1,060 mm (29.92×41.73 in)
Machine speed (max.)8,000 sheets per hour
Die-cut pressure (max.)2.6 MN / 260 t
Processed materials & Pile heights (incl. pallet)
Paper (min.)90 g/m²
Carton/solid cardboard (max.)2,000 g/m²
Corrugated cardboard (max.)/with MasterSet4.0 mm / 2.0 mm (0.16/0.08 in)
Feeder pile height (max.):
- without non-stop
- in non-stop operation

1,500 mm (59.06 in)
1,200 mm (47.24 in)
Feeder pile Weight (max.)1,500 kg
Delivery pile height (max.)1,200 mm (55.12in)
Delivery pile Weight (max.) 900 kg

Promatrix 106 CSB brochure

The Promatrix 106 CSB is manufactured by Masterwork and exclusively distributed and backed up by the professionaland renowned, worldwide sales- and service network of Heidelberg.

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