Within its industry, the HEIDELBERG Group is an exemplary sustainable company.
By sustainability we understand the long-term balance of ecology, economy, and social responsibility.

Legal Compliance

We are committed to meeting all compliance obligations of the HEIDELBERG Group such as environment-related laws and regulations.


  • We raise our employees’ and our partners’ awareness of sustainability. Through our communications,
  • We act as an opinion leader in our industry and with all business partners.


  • Step by step, we are cutting emissions that are harmful to health and the environment.
  • We use a continuous improvement process (CIP) at our sites to ensure that environmental impacts are minimized and health risks are prevented.
  • We give preference to suppliers and partners whose products and services offer environmental and social added value.
  • We ensure that our production processes are optimized with regard to resource, material and energy efficiency

Products and Services

We develop eco-friendly innovations for all phases of the product life cycle – i. e. manufacturing, operation, and disposal/recycling – that are safe and reliable to operate.

We boost the energy efficiency of our products where this is possible and makes sense and reduce process emissions and waste that occur during operation.

We expand our portfolio of services and consumables continuously, aiming to provide support for our customers in the efficient and eco-friendly design of their production facilities and production processes. In this respect, we place particular emphasis on offering our customers carbon neutral products and services.

Transportation and Logistic

We optimize our transportation and logistics processes continuously with a view to ensuring environmentally friendly packaging, transportation, and transportation routes.

Sustainability @ HEIDELBERG

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