"Increasing efficiency and quality assurance through transparency and commitment."

The 'Guideline for Cooperation with Suppliers' demonstrate HEIDELBERG's expectations regarding product and process qualification, as well as stipulating regulations for successful and efficient collaboration. The "Guideline for Cooperations with Suppliers" achieve a transparent and binding character by:

  • demonstrating the entire process and its milestones
  • describing operative sub-processes within the collaboration
  • defining essential process requirements
  • determining generally accepted product requirements
  • providing up-to-date, ongoing product and process documentation

The process description clearly shows the close integration of supplier procedures with the internal procedures at HEIDELBERG.

The Guideline's ruling principles are: increasing efficiency and quality assurance through transparency and commitment. The advantages of this approach can be seen continuously in day-to-day operations, since:

  • a uniform procedure at the interface for suppliers and
  • maximum transparency for the decision-makers involved is a
  • contribution to risk management and allows
  • the customization of particular supplier needs and project-specific requirements, without the Guideline losing their binding and transparent character.

On this note we hope the Guideline are met with general acceptance by the suppliers, and that this will be demonstrated by their active use in daily operations and manifested in the quality of the products and collaboration.

Guideline, Issue March 2024

Procurement @ HEIDELBERG

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