For every Versafire there is a large standard media library. These predefined media are easy to use, and produce the best results. But there are thousands of substrates your customers might want to use for their print orders. The challenge here is the optimal configuration of the machine parameters for these materials. With the right training, however, this is a challenge that is easy to overcome.

Certified Versafire production training

1. Base Level

  • Learn the basics for operating the Versafire hardware and software. This training is normally carried out directly on the installed Versafire.

2. Professional Level

  • Take your application and media skills to a professional level. This training includes the Media Management Tool.

3. Performance Level

  • Use the full potential of your hardware to ensure high availability and top productivity.

Media Management Tool

  • The assistant-aided user interface enables the time and work needed for setting up the media to be significantly reduced. The front-to-back register can be easily set up without any manual calculation. Even the advanced settings can be modified. All settings can be saved, exported, imported, and even assigned to a tray so that no media settings are lost. In the event of a malfunction, the settings can be sent to our service department for investigation.

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