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Rotary screen printing.

Prepress Equipment.

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Components required for rotary screen manufacture:

From mounting devices to blade polishers, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of prepress devices for rotary screen printing. Get in touch if you have questions about our products, how to get started or how best to address your screen printing needs.

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Mounting device

For affixing the printing stencil to the stencil rings.

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Wash-out device

For washing out the exposed Screeny formats with faucet water. Connections are fitted for hot and cold water.

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Extraction hood

Protects against harmful adhesive vapors.

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Screen cleaner RG 2.2

For cleaning two printing stencils and two blades after printing.

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Blade polisher

For polishing the blades.

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Further products for rotary screen printing:


Gallus Screeny A-Line products deliver extreme robustness, the best reuse rate, and the highest printing speed.


Gallus Screeny S-Line products stand for spring hardness, strength, and speed.


Gallus Screeny T-Line (Tactile) are versatile screen printing plates for high ink application or a large number of openings.

Classic Line

Gallus Screeny Classic Line has proven itself over the last 30 years in rotary screen printing with its recognized characteristics.

S-Line Digital

Gallus Screeny S-Line Digital offers optimum ink flow, high stability, and optimum torsional strength.

T-Line Digital

Gallus Screeny T-Line Digital are versatile screen printing plates that offer dense ink application and high diffusion.

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