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Screeny T-Line.

About Gallus

Screeny T-Line.

In short:

  • Special effects
  • Access to the pharmaceutical sector
  • Boost of product sales

Gallus Screeny Tactile are versatile screen printing plates for high ink application or a large number of openings. Applying a coating allows special reliefs and other effects to be created.

The unique microstructure, electrolytically stabilized fabric, and perfect structural balance of the photosensitive coating ensure maximum print quality and consistency.

Boost your sales by using another sensory channel (feel the surface) to sell labels. Achieve this with tactile, relief, or 3D prints.

Gain access to the pharmaceutical sector by being able to print statutory information in braille on pharmaceutical products.

Prepress equipment:

From mounting devices to blade polishers, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of prepress devices for rotary screen printing.


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