An analysis of production trends in the printing industry in 2021

Heidelberg has developed the Heidelberg Cloud as global industrial IoT solution for all its machines. Today more than 13.000 machines worldwide are connected to this central service. Together with the Heidelberg Assistant – the window to this cloud – the customer get access to machine availability and performance data. Heidelberg provides a full stack of value-add services from remote diagnosis in case of a machine repair up to predictive monitoring and full performance subscription. The wealth of machines connected, together with access to other global, economic data allows a statistical exploration of the Print Media Industry.

The PMI (Print Media Industry) Climate Report was developed in 2020 at the request of many of our customers to help them better understand the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. We visualize the PMI development per country and month in comparison to the world economic climate during the Corona pandemic. The color scheme is aligned with common climate maps, where blue colors indicate a cool down and brown colors show a warmup. In the PMI Climate Report the schema is applied to the industrial print production strength of sheetfed offset in relation to the previous year.

2021 is characterized by a strong recovery in the first half of the year. This development continued in the third quarter, but is losing momentum.

While growth in packaging and label printing, coming from a high level, fell slightly in the third quarter, commercial printing showed signs of recovery after the slump in the previous year and is trending upwards.

Updated Nov. 30.2021

Insights in the PMI Climate Report are created using multiple sources

  • The Heidelberg Cloud: is utilized with a representative set of connected sheetfed offset machines providing base market information about production per country worldwide.
  • Macroeconomic data published by IHS Markit.

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  • This report has been created using anonymized data only.
  • No identifiable information, such as print shop name, print shop location or print shop employee data, will be accessible at any point in time.
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