Automated commercial printing with Speedmaster CX 104 secures the future

For more than 100 years, the family business S+G Druck has impressed with its service, flexibility, high quality and speed. With a Speedmaster CX 104-5+L and a production process fully automated with HEIDELBERG products, S+G is securing its competitiveness for the next generation.

Frequent job changes

S+G prints all types of commercial work with a team of 16 employees: From letterheads and flyers to posters, brochures, folders and catalogs. As a rule, short runs of 500 to 1,000 sheets are produced in a two-shift operation.

Owner Stefan Franzl:

“Frequent job changes with many different materials from 60 grams up to 0.8 millimeters determine the daily work routine today.”

S+G Druck
S+G Druck

S+G Druck values HEIDELBERG as a competent partner - the Franzl couple (center) with HEIDELBERG employees Timo Mayer (Sales Germany) and Fredrik Wribe (Sales Service & Consumables Germany).

Mr. and Mrs. Franzl are proud of their print shop, their 16 employees and their family (son and daughter also work in the company).

Set-up times as a cost factor

HEIDELBERG has long been an important partner for S+G. The company invested in two Speedmaster CD 102-5+L presses in 2008 and 2012. In 2023, the new Speedmaster CX 104-5+L replaced these two presses. With the help of its innovative coating unit and automation functions such as AutoPlate Pro and Prinect Inpress Control, S+G has succeeded in further increasing productivity. Automatic plate changing and automatic color control, for example, have cut makeready times by two thirds.

Good reasons for HEIDELBERG

Considering the multitude of advantages, Stefan Franzl finds his decision in favor of HEIDELBERG validated:

“The replacement went quickly and smoothly and the new Speedmaster CX 104 has exceeded our expectations - especially in terms of print quality, stability, flexibility and sustainability.”

Comprehensive advice, reliable service, and the lasting value of the machines were further reasons for S+G to choose HEIDELBERG.

Replacing two presses with one requires absolute reliability of the new press - a decisive factor for S+G in order to process customer orders flexibly and quickly. According to Stefan Franzl, the Speedmaster CX 104 has met the correspondingly high expectations.

When it comes to the important issue of sustainability, S+G achieves waste savings of several hundred sheets per makeready process. Additionally, the waste heat from the water-cooled Speedmaster CX 104 is used to heat the pressroom.

The new Speedmaster CX 104-5-L replaces two older presses of the same model.

S+G Druck
S+G Druck

Tradition obliges - S+G Druck has stood for reliability for around 100 years.

Standardized and automated processes

Alongside the Speedmaster CX 104, S+G has invested in Prinect Production Manager, a Suprasetter platesetter, and a Stahlfolder KH 82 folding machine - thus standardizing and automating the production processes: Starting with data management and presetting values through plate imaging and printing to finishing. In addition, S+G relies exclusively on Saphira Consumables and thus benefits from coordinated ink series and chemical-free plate development. Stefan Franzl:

“We opted for the entire production workflow including Saphira Consumables from HEIDELBERG because all the parameters are coordinated and we have a reliable, competent partner at our side in HEIDELBERG.”

“With the Speedmaster CX 104 and the investments in automation and standardization of the entire production process, we are successfully positioned for the future.”

About S+G Druck GmbH & Co. KG:

  • Headquarters: Ahorn-Triebsdorf, Germany
  • 16 employees

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