Reality check

Have you ever experienced that dramatic eureka moment when hard facts and figures sweep away entrenched perceptions and gut instinct? We can promise you a reality check of this kind when our experts analyze the processes in your pressroom.

We have already proved this in practice at QUBUS media in Hanover. There is much to be said for acting right now and tackling the issue of energy efficiency at your company with the help of HEIDELBERG. Here are four reasons to do so:

Reason one

Energy costs remain high and will increase further still in the face of geopolitical problems and tensions. This issue will thus by no means resolve itself, tending instead to become more pressing.

Reason two

When you see something every day, there comes a point when you barely notice it anymore. In addition, saving energy is never a lone battle at larger companies, but rather a team sport. In your executive role, it is therefore important that you work with external experts to press ahead with addressing this issue. On the one hand, an external perspective will enable you to look at your in-house routines and processes with fresh eyes. On the other, external facilitation can ensure the viewpoints and ideas of the entire team are incorporated. In this way, the issue becomes a joint task and entirely new potential can be leveraged that goes beyond existing measures.

Reason three

The energy efficiency workshop* will give you absolute clarity about your energy and resource requirements. Supported by HEIDELBERG experts, you will work with selected staff members to identify hidden “energy guzzlers” and discover principles that will help make your production operations more energy-efficient and productive. As a result, you will develop new routines that are accepted by the entire workforce and can be used to establish processes that are energy-efficient over the long term.

Press-related influencing factors - Overview of energy-saving potential

Reason four

Besides analyzing consumption, the workshop* will also identify potential for savings than can be quantified with the help of our calculator. One further benefit for you is that, in addition to making savings in the medium and long term, you will also enjoy some rapid successes with “quick wins”, because potential can be realized fast in many cases.

* This service is currently only available in selected countries. Please contact us via the contact form below or contact your local HEIDELBERG representative for more information.


QUBUS media, Germany:

"We produce our order volume in four days more energy-efficiently than in five, because we save a shift through a higher machine speed."

Energy efficiency in the pressroom

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