A robust flatbed die-cutter for highest register accuracy, shortest changeover times and consistent score quality.

In the end, only performance counts. With this in mind, we designed the HEIDELBERG FCL die-cutter to provide maximum uptime, superior performance and years of excellent service

For decades, we have continuously developed and refined our flatbed die-cutting technology so that you can succeed given current market requirements.

  • Do you value outstanding performance and reliability and high punching pressure at the same time?
  • Are you searching for the perfect combination of cutting, creasing, embossing, window and outer contour punching?
  • Do you also want a 100% inspection control with a single blank ejection system for defective cartons?

If so, the HEIDELBERG FCL is the right choice.

Whether as an offline machine, or as an inline solution in combination with the HEIDELBERG Intro or HEIDELBERG ICS, the HEIDELBERG FCL is the ideal finish to your production line.


Die-cutting, creasing, and embossing combined in one machine.

Highest productivity through robust design
Low tool costs create competitive advantage
Simple and intuitive – a flexible machine with proven technology
Realistic production performance up to 21,000 strokes per hour
Setting up, adjusting and changing in record time
All inline - Optimal combination creates perfect workflows and accelerates processes

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