We realize the COVID 19 crisis has probably affected your business and forced you to reduce or stop your production on your Versafire/Linoprint machine.

Because we want you up and running as soon as possible
please read through this FAQ list to help you get back in production in no time.

My machine has been inactive for some time, do I need to call service to check on my machine?

Most probably not – Allow the machine to warm up, print approx.1000 sheets of a non-critical job then calibrate as normal and check output.

Are there any special considerations I should take into account when starting back up?

If the equipment was shutdown using the correct procedure (Not simply unplugged without power down) the problems should be minimal.

Additionally, check the paper path for any debris and carefully vacuum or brush off any loose dirt. Be careful not to dislodge any sensors or guides.

The heating of the print room was turned off for all this time, what is the best approach when I turn the machine back on?

The equipment needs to acclimatize to the new temperature, allow at least 4 hours at the new temperature before the machine is used to prevent condensation.

How can I avoid paper jams?

Allow the printer time to warm up before printing - Use fresh paper from an unopened packet.

How can I avoid white spots?

Allow the printer time to warm up before printing – the inside of the machine needs to be as warm as the outside.

How can I avoid blurred marks on halftones?

Perform developer refresh in advanced operator settings or do colour calibration and colour registration in maintenance.

Do you have further questions or need further assistance?

Please contact your local Heidelberg Help Desk.

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