The company BigRep was founded as a start-up company in 2014 in the German federal capital Berlin and has set the course to transform the 3D printing and manufacturing industry. BigRep develops and supplies industrial 3D printers in large format, which enable the printing of components up to 1m³.

In this interview, Markus Gräuler, Quality Manager at BigRep, explains why his company relies on HEIDELBERG Industry for the series production of its 3D printers and what benefits result from this partnership.

What is particularly important to you when working with HEIDELBERG Industry?

"As a dynamic start-up, the cooperation with Heidelberger Druckmaschinen brings a high degree of professionalism to our own processes and projects are 100% completed, so that all open issues are clarified shortly after the start of production and the permissible manufacturing tolerances are defined. After series production has started, the high quality of the end product is ensured by the HEIDELBERG processes and assembly instructions. Coupled with the lived Heidelberg company philosophy that every machine should leave the factory with the same quality, as a customer you can be sure after the project implementation that every machine really does leave the factory according to the agreed quality. We, as developers for new 3D printers, can then concentrate on our core competence again, while the ongoing series production is being handled by a professional and experienced series manufacturer.

Finally, despite the size of the company, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen has a certain degree of flexibility in order to flexibly control any purchase quantities according to customer requirements."

Quality of products/services

Before we started series production, we carried out an on-site supplier audit. All expected requirements were fully met. Personally, I have rarely come across such good audit results after the first initial audit. What was outstanding above all was that even before the start of series production, the dimensional accuracy of all supplied components was independently carried out according to a risk-based approach. Faulty components were reported to the supplier and re-delivered, so that all components had already gone through a goods receipt when production started. As a customer, you don't notice anything, unless a guaranteed delivery date is in jeopardy due to the batch delivered. At that moment, alternative proposals with a timetable are presented, which we as the customer can then decide on.

Quality of service and customer care

After series production has started, the customer usually only has to talk about the production quantities and the price. However, Heidelberger also offers "cost down" projects so that the price level of series production can be kept constant despite rising costs. If the end customer or the intermediate reseller has inquiries about global requirements or regulations, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen can provide a contact person who can explain how the special inquiry can be dealt with professionally and provide information on what must be observed. The company has a very strong customer focus. This can be extremely useful, especially as a startup.

Not only the service should be mentioned here, but also the qualification of the employees in production, who have to ensure all requirements of series production. A really good team is put together based on their skills and even interests, and each one of them is in direct contact with the client. Above all, it is very positive that the agreements with the fitters are also properly written down in the assembly instructions and thus hardly any knowledge is lost. Furthermore, unlike in other companies, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen seems to have very little staff turnover.

In summary, nothing can be faulted in terms of service and customer orientation.

Which customer problems could be solved?

As a young company, the financial options for the first series productions are often limited, since the possibilities of tying up large amounts of capital simply do not exist or lead to major discussions with investors. Due to these circumstances, as a small company, you would actually be forced to order smaller batch sizes. This circumstance would increase the manufacturing costs per machine. Heidelberger Druckmaschinen has other options there and may be willing to accept this risk.

-Due to the fact that assembly instructions are always followed, there are actually no qualitative differences between the machines in series production. Thus, the series production does not have to be intensively supervised by the contract manufacturer. In the event of changes in series production, there is precise documentation as to which components were installed in which machine, and thus error-free “spare part management” can be subsequently ensured.

Markus Gräuler, Quality Manager BigRep

„Such good audit results are me personally after the first Initial audit rarely received. After serial production Is started, you have to be a customer mostly just about them production quantities and the price converse.“

Markus Gräuler,
Quality Manager BigRep

Markus Gräuler, Quality Manager BigRep

Which goals could be achieved by the service/product?

"MADE IN GERMANY" in mechanical engineering is recognized and in demand worldwide. Unlike many other producers, this German "seal of quality" is still lived. It is also true that you have to accept a certain surcharge for quality, which, however, can lead to a lot of end customer frustration for products that require a lot of explanation and are difficult to assemble if the delivered goods have defects. Especially in the industrial environment, this is a basic requirement that HEIDELBERG fully meets.

Furthermore, adhering to the promised delivery dates is a skill that should not be underestimated, and one that Heidelberger Druckmaschinen masters excellently through good communication.

What is the main reason why the customer would recommend our product/service?

A pronounced quality awareness with a high level of customer orientation and the associated professionalism runs through the entire company.

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