Shingled Folding.

Stahlfolder TH/KH 82-P and TX 96.

See the conventional and shingled production in direct comparison.

Basically there are two ways of increasing the output of the folding machine.

First one is to raise the machine speed...

The sheets are then guided through the machine at a higher speed, which leads to more sheets running through the machine per time unit. However, a negative side effect occurs especially at top speeds: Considerable loss of quality at the final product, such as jams and creases, which are caused due to the harder impact of the sensitive paper on the sheet stop.

...but, however, the better way is to reduce the sheet gap...

This way more sheets find room per linear measure and again more sheets can be transported per time unit. The great advantage here is that the machine speed stays in an uncritical field for quality and process reliability.

…or even to shingle the sheets.

With the Stahlfolder TH / KH 82-P and the Stahlfolder TX 96 , innovative technology has enabled us to maximize this effect whilst keeping quality and process reliability by not only reducing the sheet gap to a minimum, but even going further by using “negative sheet gaps “: The sheets are transported through the entire folding machine in a shingled way.

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