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The winning team for your folding carton operations.

As a producer of folding carton boxes, you face a multitude of challenges during the die cutting and folding carton gluing process, which, if not addressed, can significantly impact the quality of the finished products or even cause losses. Among them: slow production speeds, irregular creasing lines, and high rejection rates.

In our webinar, meet our folding carton champions: the peak performance die-cutter Mastermatrix 106 CSB and the highly versatile folder-gluer Diana X-2 115 complete with Diana Packer. Find out how to increase your competitive advance on folding carton products with this winning team:

  • Quick set-up and automation features
  • Minimal changeover times for improved productivity
  • High quality die cutting, embossing and folding-gluing of carton boxes

Featured topics and product demonstrations :

  • Demonstration of the main features of the die-cutting and embossing machine Mastermatrix 106 CSB, including MasterSet optical sheet alignment and new EasyRake feature
  • Demonstration of the main features of the peak performance folder gluer Diana X-2 115 complete with Diana Packer

Webinar duration: approx. 50 minutes.

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