Blue Competence links mechanical and plant engineering in the field of sustainability and bundles the resources, know-how and strengths of the VDMA. The various professional associations of the VDMA and other organisations in mechanical and plant engineering are involved in this association.

The partner companies pursue the following goals:

  • shape the world with technology – even the day after tomorrow
  • achieve more with less resources
  • take responsibility
  • be a role model

Environmental protection and sustainability are global issues that are also becoming increasingly important in the print media industry. More and more print buyers require an ecological production process for printed matter, and the demand for climate-neutral print products is constantly increasing. Here, modern machines and improved processes also help to save costs. After all, printing ecologically also means thinking economically.

Energy and resource efficiency, emission reduction and life cycle management are aspects that play an essential role both in the manufacturing of printing presses and in their operation. HEIDELBERG firmly anchors sustainability in its strategic agenda. The company's environmental policy provides the binding framework for all HEIDELBERG divisions and also includes external partners and suppliers. It reflects the holistic and comprehensive approach that HEIDELBERG pursues in its environmental concept: From the development of the products to their manufacturing and operation at the customer's site to recycling or disposal, all life cycle stages are taken into account. Therefore, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG can e. g. calculate the CO2 footprint of its products both in manufacturing and in the operating phase and take the results into account when developing new products.

Blue Competence Initiative
Sustainability Guidelines of the Mechanical Engineering Industry
HEIDELBERG supports ecological and social commitment of young people
Sustainability @ HEIDELBERG

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