Members and mandates
of the supervisory board.

The Supervisory Board is convinced that Dr. Martin Sonnenschein, Mr. Oliver Jung, Dr. Fritz Oesterle and Mrs. Ina Schlie are independent within the meaning of the German Corporate Governance Code.


Dr. Martin Sonnenschein
Chairman of the Supervisory Board (CV, pdf)
Indepen​dent Consultant

a) SupplyOn AG

b) Futurice Oy, Helsinki, Finland

Ralph Arns* (since July 24, 2014)
Chairman of the Central Works Council, Heidelberg / Wiesloch-Walldorf
Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Gerald Dörr* (since July 25, 2018)
Deputy Chairman of the Central Works Council, Heidelberg/Wiesloch-Walldorf

Mirko Geiger* (since August 1, 2005)
First Senior Representative of IG Metall, Heidelberg


Dipl.-Ing. Dr. h.c. Oliver Jung (CV, pdf)
CEO Festo SE & Co. KG, Esslingen (until end of 2023)

a) Leistritz AG

Li Li (CV, pdf)
Chair of the Management Board Masterwork Group Co., Ltd., Tianjin, People’s Republic of China

Dr. Fritz Oesterle (CV, pdf)
Consultant for private equity companies and family offices, Stuttgart

a) Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Volksbank am Württemberg eG
 LBBW Landesbank Baden-Württemberg

b) Chairman of the Board of Directors (non-executive) of CEPD N.V., Amsterdam, Netherlands

Petra Otte* (since July 25, 2018)
Trade Union Secretary of IG Metall Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart

a) Audi AG

Ferdinand Rüesch (CV, pdf)
Entrepreneur and Vice President Global Key Accounts of the Gallus Ferd. Rüesch AG, St. Gallen, Switzerland

b) Ferd. Rüesch AG, Schweiz (Chairman of the Administration Board)

Ina Schlie (CV, pdf)
Diplom-Volkswirtin (degree in economics) and supervisory board member

a) q.beyond AG
 CMBlu Energy AG

Beate Schmitt* (since April 3, 2006)
Full-time member of the Works Council, Heidelberg / Wiesloch-Walldorf

Holger Steuerwald* (since July 26, 2023)
Spokesman for the Executives, Heidelberg / Wiesloch-Walldorf

* Employee representative

a) Membership in other Supervisory Boards
b) Membership in comparable German and foreign control bodies of business enterprises

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