Gallus RCS 430

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This successful machine system performs impressively across the board thanks to its unique modular design. Label printers around the world trust in the high productivity of Gallus RCS machine systems that help them set quality benchmarks in label printing. What’s more, Gallus has achieved another technical milestone with the RCS 430, thanks to its cutting-edge units for UV offset printing.

At a glance

  • Access to machine setting data from the main memory for repeat jobs
  • Remote diagnosis via the Internet
  • Extremely sparing use of all resources for maximum ecoefficiency
  • Printing methods: UV offset, UV flexographic and rotary screen printing, solvent rotogravure, hot foil embossing and cold foil printing – separately or in combination
  • Embellishing: Coating, varnishing and lamination

Maximum process flexibility.

The Gallus RCS 430 harnesses unrivalled application and process flexibility for label printers. The press can handle any substrate with ease – from extremely thin monofoils that are just a few micrometers thick to tube laminates up to 450 micrometers.

Fast, straightforward and without separating the web
The Gallus RCS 430 supports six printing processes and is thus redefining the future of label printing. Offset printing, flexographic printing, screen printing and hot foil embossing can be easily integrated at any position in the press in a matter of just a few minutes – without having to separate the web. Similarly, secondary processes such as cold foil embossing, laminating and reverse-side printing can be integrated quickly and easily anywhere on the secondary rail system.

The benchmark for operational efficiency.

The consistent platform concept, modular design and high degree of automation ensure cost-effective and eco-efficient production to the highest standards in printing quality. When working on repeat orders, the job data memory can be used to call up machine setting data from the main memory as required.

Cutting-edge control technology.

The new generation of Gallus machine systems features the latest control technology and unlocks potential synergies for label printers that are using a range of Gallus machine systems – as you would expect from a standardized technology platform and operating concept. Additional benefits include the intuitive user guidance system of the press, which is based on a state-of-the-art touchscreen panel. Numerous technical modifications have been made to the hardware – such as improvements to the web transport and enhanced register accuracy – based on feedback from Gallus RCS users and their experience with the machine system. What’s more, the optimized inking units in the offset printing unit of the new RCS 430 now exhibit even better color stability.

Automation on top.
Automation in offset printing.
Leading quality in UV offset printing.
Highly reproducible quality.
Unique offset inking and wetting unit.

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