Turkish Label and packaging printshop Otingo Etiket Matbaacilik trusts Heidelberg for full automation and maximum efficiency.

Istanbul-based Otingo Etiket Matbaacilik both increases its production capacity and updates its technology with the investments it has made since 2019. Aiming for maximum efficiency with full automation, Otingo trusts Heidelberg in this regard. The company's investment in Polar DC 11 label die-cutting was followed by the MK Easymatrix 106 CS die cut and finally the Heidelberg Speedmaster CX 75-5L F-Format. Otingo also invested in Heidelberg's Prinect Production Manager workflow software. Ozan Turan, Member of the Board of Directors and second generation Owner of the printing house, talked about the company's investments and more.

Founded in 1988 by Metin Turan as an offset printing house producing textile labels, Otingo Etiket Matbaacilik, which started its printing business in Istanbul in 2006, transformed into web-fed label production with a letterpress investment and later expanded with its investments in the machinery park. The company has continued to grow since 2008 and has now become one of the industry's largest manufacturers with double shift production on all lines, and the next step for today will be a new building investment.

Otingo Etiket, produces 250 million paper soda labels monthly as well as 20 million pharmaceutical and food boxes in offset. Food and pharmaceutical labels are produced in the letterpress line of the company that produces OPP labels in its flexo line. Customer demands determine the investment strategy of the company that prefers Gallus in its flexo investment.

Half of the entire production of the company, which intends to continue its investment plans through a single supplier in the light of the advantage of serviceability and supplier satisfaction, consists of cardboard boxes and a large portion of the prospectus and soda labels. In this way, Otingo can provide an end-to-end printing service by producing both boxes, leaflets and labels of a pharmaceutical company from a single source.

Ozan Turan; “We are pleased with Heidelberg's service. If you take good care of your machine, each machine supports you for production.

We also print cardboard packaging jobs with the Speedmaster CX 75. At the end of the day, it all comes down to costs. The important thing is how much you press in a short time. For this reason, our next project is 70x100, but with CutStar, we can print sheeting from the coil and integrate it inline into our Polar DC 11 cutter.

Also, we expect our costs to decrease and our business volume to increase thanks to the time and efficiency we will gain with the commissioning of Prinect Production Manager.”

Otingo Etiket Matbaacilik

Güneşli Bağlar Mah.
Osmanpaşa Cad. Barış Sok.
No:5 - 34540 - Güneşli/İstanbul


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