The easy access to folding carton production.

With an output of 8,000 sheets per hour and short set-up times, the Promatrix 106 CS stands for productivity and cost-effectiveness up to the 106 format. It processes materials from 90 to 2,000 gsm. Even corrugated board up to 4 mm thickness can be processed. When it comes to die-cutting and embossing in industrial production, the Promatrix 106 CS is a reliable machine, if blanking is not required.

Features such as nonstop feeder, belt table with suction tapes and central roller and brush adjustment, register system up to the stripping station, quick lock chase and cutting plate fine adjustment in the cutting station as well as quick lock frame with fine adjustment in the stripping station guarantee short set-up times.

Motorized cutting pressure adjustment and nonstop delivery with rolling carpet allow a comfortable operation, thus giving the machine operator additional time for production monitoring and quality control. If required, further options can suit the needs of each customer.

With its 760 × 1,060 format, the Promatrix 106 CS ideally complements all printing presses of the Speedmaster model range in the 70 × 100 format up to the Speedmaster XL 106.


  • Electronic sheet monitoring
  • Cutting plate fine adjustment
  • Motorized cutting pressure adjustment
  • Suction head for paper, board, corrugated board with quick positioning and fine adjustment
  • Touchscreen for machine operation

Technical data

Performance data
Sheet format (min.)/with MasterSet300×350 mm / 350×400 mm (11.81×13.78 in / 13.78×15.75 in)
Sheet format (max.)760×1,060 mm (29.92×41.73 in)
Machine speed (max.)8,000 sheets per hour
Die-cut pressure (max.)2.6 MN / 260 t
Processed materials & Pile heights (incl. pallet)
Paper (min.)90 g/m²
Carton/solid cardboard (max.)2,000 g/m²
Corrugated cardboard (max.)/with MasterSet4.0 mm / 2.0 mm (0.16/0.08 in)
Feeder pile height (max.):
- without non-stop
- in non-stop operation

1,500 mm (59.06 in)
1,200 mm (47.24 in)
Feeder pile Weight (max.)1,500 kg
Delivery pile height (max.)1,400 mm (55.12in)
Delivery pile Weight (max.) 1,350 kg

Promatrix 106 CS brochure

The Promatrix 106 CS is manufactured by Masterwork and exclusively distributed and backed up by the professionaland renowned, worldwide sales- and service network of Heidelberg.

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