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Artificial intelligence boosts print shop performance


  • Performance Advisor Technology from Heidelberg automates process consulting
  • Customers benefit from specific recommendations based on trend monitoring and benchmarks
  • AI module integrated into Heidelberg Cloud
  • Heidelberg Assistant offers intuitive customer access to AI module

As in other sectors, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) will become increasingly important in the print media industry in the next few years, driving further print shop automation and firmly establishing new digital business models on the market.

Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) has launched a new subscription business model that is shaping the industry. One key element of this model is process consulting, which aims to fully utilize the potential of the equipment and software solutions being used, while also improving print shop processes. The highly specialized experts Heidelberg requires to achieve this goal regularly work with customers both on site and online, but their availability is limited.

The growing demand for performance consulting services under the subscription model, and also in general, is driving the automation of the actual consulting process using AI. Heidelberg is therefore launching Performance Advisor Technology (PAT), an AI-based process consulting tool that uses an automated process to provide contract customers with specific, straightforward instructions for improving their operational procedures. This involves adding an artificial intelligence module to the Heidelberg Cloud, which contains data from over 13,000 connected machines and information relating to more than 60 million makeready processes. The module monitors series of measurements that record the current performance of Heidelberg equipment, visualizing anomalies and displaying various recommendations for customers. PAT also explains the individual KPIs to customers, which ensures a better understanding of these statistics. There are already plans to add a benchmarking function to PAT that compares Heidelberg machines with an anonymized comparative group from the Heidelberg Cloud.

Heidelberg Assistant offers intuitive customer access to AI module
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