“The future belongs to personalization”


  • Heidelberg supported printing of the new, personalized “turi2 edition”
  • More than 1,200 customized covers in the highest resolution
  • Lavishly produced book on the theme “Das Ego in Zeiten des Internets”
    (The Ego in the Time of the Internet)

“We wanted to do something different, to provide a feast for the eyes and a kind of pit stop for the senses,” says Peter Turi. The 56-year-old is a media man through and through, wearing the hats of publisher, forward thinker, lateral thinker, visionary, and preserver. He has been publishing the “turi2 edition” – according to its own advertising, the “slowest and most beautiful industry journal” – for two years. In a sense it is a kind of “slow print” for the media landscape, which is increasingly characterized by speed. The aim of the book series, which is published twice a year, is to provide “inspiration for influencers from the world of media and brands.” These people know how much digitization has changed our lives and with it the print media industry, and how much more change is to come.

More than 2,000 mosaic tiles in the highest resolution

Ideal combination of digital and offset



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