Cold transfer finishing for every occasion.

FoilStar, HEIDELBERG’s cold transfer module, supports a whole host of unusual finishing effects for labels, packagings, and high-quality commercial work – giving you access to brilliant metallic effects that will add considerable value to your customers’ print products. Using FoilStar on the SpeedmasterXL75, SpeedmasterCX104 and SpeedmasterXL106 enables a wide range of substrates to be finished in excellent quality.

FoilStar is also available for SpeedmasterXL105, SpeedmasterCX102, SpeedmasterCD102 and SpeedmasterCD74 presses and can be retrofitted.

At a glance

  • For traditional UV and LED UV offset applications
  • Flexible use of one to six transfer webs enables the needs to be optimally adapted to the particular print job
  • Short makeready times through inline finishing using conventional offset printing plates
  • Motif changes within a few minutes
  • Printing of fine elements as well as solids in one pass

FoilStar Cure: for in-mold applications

FoilStar Cure makes it possible to produce metallic finishing effects with cold transfer on in-mold label material (IML), primarily with LED UV. The modified web guidance with a long wrap angle on the impression cylinder serves to cure the transferred metallic pigment as one with the UV adhesive and substrate by means of an LED UV interdeck dryer. This produces better adhesion of the metallic pigments, and thus also high process stability, and a much higher metallic gloss.

FoilStar with indexing function: both economical and ecological

FoilStar with indexing function enables savings of 30 % to 80 % for printing forms with low area coverage. After finishing is complete, the web is stopped in the printing nip while the winder and unwinder continue to rotate. The so-called dancer rollers create a buffer in this way.

FoilStar basic module: the all-rounder

Up to six narrow webs can be used with this entry-level module. This means that production can be economical even without indexing.

Available on the following presses

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