Five Unique Print Jobs on Versafire EV

Let's discuss what puts the "V" in Versafire EV as we highlight five unique print jobs you can incorporate in your day-to-day print operations to expand your digital offerings and color space.

1. Neon Pink or Neon Yellow
2. Short-run Packaging
3. Adding Silver & Gold
4. Incorporating Invisible Red
5. Wide Variety of Substrates

InkStar Care and Maintenance

Join us as we discuss how to properly clean, store, and adjust the working pressure gauge on your InkStar cartridges to keep your prints and press running in peak condition. Learn how from the experts at Heidelberg Print Media Performance and Training Center.

Offset vs. Digital with Versafire Digital Print Engines

We dare you to compare Heidelberg's Speedmaster offset technology with Heidelberg's Versafire digital print engines. Versafire digital printing provides superior, offset quality with the ability to print on up to 24 pt. stock and up to 135 pages per minute – while also maintaining high throughput and reliable production. Discover their advantages in speed, substrate versatility, and sheet size, without sacrificing offset quality. Click here for more information.

Gallus Screeny Demonstration Center

Today let's discuss the various products and services available at our Gallus Screeny Demonstration Center located in Ivyland, PA. Our demo center prides itself on being customer oriented and reliable — including same day shipping for screen material, local support and service, plus your own personal contact. From a roll of raw Screeny material, finished screens, or a variety of prepress equipment, our Gallus Screeny Team is here to help your business' unique label needs.

If you are interested in visiting our Gallus Screeny Demo Center or seeing what it has to offer, click here.

Waste Stripping and Tooling Options with Easymatrix 106 CS

In Part One of our Easymatrix 106 CS Expert talk video, we discussed its various die cutting capabilities. For Part Two, let’s explore the options for waste stripping and different tooling types that can be used. The goal? To help you utilize the capabilities of the machine to the maximum, reduce manual stripping and deliver the highest quality products to your customers.

Increasing your die cutting capabilities on Easymatrix 106 CS

Are you a commercial printer looking to enter into the packaging finishing market? We have the solution — the Easymatrix 106 CS. Capable of handling full 41" sheets and die cutting up to 7,700 sheets per hour, the Easymatrix 106 CS is the perfect transition into high volume, finished print jobs.

In this Expert Talk, we show you how you can use easily transition your current commercial workflow into a one-stop shop.

How to increase production on the POLAR Cutting System 200

Are you experiencing bottlenecks in your Cutting Department causing delays in the finishing process? If you said yes, did you know by simply adding POLAR Peripherals you can double your cutting production, cut more accurately, and relieve the stressful lifting & down stacking of substrates?

In this Expert Talk, we demonstrate how this can be accomplished without additional labor added to your Cutting Department.

Using Prinect Analyze Point for Quality Points

In Part 4 of our Print Color Management series, we will be discussing the key to any standardization: maintaining it. With Prinect Analyze Point, data coming directly from the press can provide you with all the information you need to continuously evaluate your quality process relevant to those standards.

How to choose your Perfecting Jackets

When it comes to Perfecting Jackets, you have options. In today's Expert Talk, we will go over a variety of Heidelberg Perfecting Jackets to help you decide which "fit" is right for your perfecting work. Our future-oriented impression cylinder jackets result in mark free print jobs, easy to clean and can handle high ink coverage on a variety of substrates!

How to use Digital Print Color Management on Versafire

In Part 3 of our Print Color Management series, we will be discussing how to use Digital Print Color Management on the Versafire. In this Expert Talk, we show you a step by step process of setting up your color profiles on Prinect Color Toolbox using Prinect DFE. This ensures accurate color to match the offset press to the required specification.

How to use the Prinect Color Toolbox

In this Expert Talk, we discuss one of Heidelberg's best kept secrets, Prinect Color Toolbox — an intricate solution to color management and Part 2 of our Print Color Management Expert Talk series. Prinect Color Toolbox provides a suite of integrated color management solutions for optimizing color to help keep your print shop, a smart print shop.

How to use Heidelberg Video Support

In this month's Expert Talk, we discuss our Video Support feature — part of our new Remote Agreement. By using "seeing what they see" technology, Video Support enables faster troubleshooting, reduced on-site visits, and Augmented Reality drawings that contribute to decreased downtime and improved production. Experience quick and efficient remote service with our Heidelberg team simply by using your smart device!

Using Heidelberg's Print Color Management

In today’s Expert Talk video we will be discussing Print Color Management (PCM). The PCM ensures your print shop is color managed properly and calibrated to industry standards and specifications. Not only will a PCM help meet your customer’s demands, but it will help boost the cost-efficiency of your production while reliably reproducing colors every time.

Using the Prinect Digital Frontend

Today we will be discussing some of the benefits of the Prinect Digital Frontend (DFE), the driver for our digital Versafire EV and EP machines. Prinect DFE reduces the complexity of prepress tasks by introducing a highly automated and smart production workflow — which reduces touchpoints, times, and cost per job.

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