How do I establish credit?
How do I get a Credit Application?
What are my payment terms?
Where can I see an explanation of Terms?
How do I avoid a COD fee?
Do you accept credit cards?


Who do I call with a question on an invoice?
Why are you charging me sales tax?
My invoice does not reference our Purchase Order?
I have an Equipment Warranty, but I was invoiced for a part?
I have a Service Contract/System 36 Contract, but I was invoiced for a part?

Shipping & Returns

What are your shipping charges?
How can I track a shipment?
How do you ship parts?
I was invoiced for Next Flight Out Courier Freight but did not get my order till the next day. Why should I pay for this service?
What is your Parts Warranty coverage?
What is and how can I get an extended warranty for my parts?
Repair/Exchange Parts – what is this?
Can I cancel or refuse an order?
I received a part that was Damaged/Defective on Installation/Wrong Part-picking error – who do I call?
How do I return a part to you?
I received a Yellow Post Card with reference to my returned part. What is this?
What is your restocking policy?
Why do I need a Hold Harmless Agreement?

Service & Technical Support

How do I request service on my machine?
Do you have Technical Help Desk – Phone Support contracts?
How do I request technical assistance over the phone?
What are your service rates?

Contact List

Who do I call to obtain a Heidelberg Contact List for my account?
What information is available on the Heidelberg Contact List?

Heidelberg USA Service

Call (800) 437-7388

Whether you need urgent support, spare parts or technical advice, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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