Versatile for applications from in-mold labels to folding cartons.

One of the latent challenges in the global printing industry is the shortage of skilled workers, regardless of the production area. Production processes are becoming increasingly complex, while time pressure and requirements are increasing. Skilled workers who can keep up with the growing workload and the increasingly demanding processes are harder and harder to find. Added to this is the fact that particularly with manual activities, individual performance and motivation as well as knowledge and experience of the individual employees often lead to results of varying quality and thus predictability.

In addition, the high performance of modern printing presses, particularly in postpress where a lot of tasks are still done manually, necessitates a lot of workers. This applies in particular to the manual blanking of the die-cut individual blanks. What’s more, the potential of the machines, for example the Speedmaster XL 106-D rotary die cutter, cannot be fully exploited. Heidelberg therefore automated a further step in the production workflow by adding Kawahara postpress systems to its portfolio as part of a sales cooperation agreement.

Robust, reliable and powerful.

Kawahara TXS-1100.

The Kawahara TXS-1100 is the perfect entry-level machine for label and folding carton postpress because of how easy it is to use. It combines consistently high blanking quality and productivity with maximum flexibility for a wide range of blank shapes. With its wide range of materials, it addresses both in-mold label printers and folding carton printers.

At a glance

  • Faster processing of pre-cut sheets
  • Automated blanking replaces hand-stripping
  • One-person operation
  • Blanking without tools
  • Inexpensive simple tooling
  • Blanking cycle of 30 seconds for a pile of die-cut sheets up to 80 mm high
  • Remote service connection
  • Data transmission to Management Information System (MIS) possible

Technical data

Performance data and dimensions
Sheet size (min.)580 × 400 mm (43.00 in×31.50 in)
Sheet size (max.)1,092 × 800 mm (22.83 in×15.75 in)
Stack height (max.)80 mm (3.15 in)
Max. sheets per cycle Cardboard: 200 sheets/0.4 mm/300 g/m² (200 sheets/0.02 in/0.66 lbs/m²) IML film: 1,000 sheets/60µm
Max. sheets per hour Cardboard: 8,000 sheets
IML film: 40,000 sheets
TXS main unit dimensions 
Length 2,010 mm (79.13 in)
Width 3,400 mm (133.86 in)
Height 2,500 mm (98.43 in)
Weight 5.80 tons
(requires crane or large forklift with skates to be moved)

Solid board 250µm–1.5 mm (0.06 in) 
  • Luxury cartons
  • Odd-shaped products
  • Large products (400 mm+/15.75 in+)
  • Hangers, tags
  • Greeting cards
  • Coasters
  • Small cartons
  • Pharmaceutical cartons
  • Food cartons/sleeves
Test in advance recommended
Plastics (PP) 50µm–500µm 
  • Horticultural labels
  • Plastic cartons
  • In-mold labels
  • POS products
  • Plastic cards
Test in advance recommended
Microflute E, F, N 
  • Cartons, boxes
  • Inserts
  • POS products


Kawahara TXS-1100 brochure

Kawahara systems are distributed by Heidelberg in cooperation with AN Corporation (ANC). Kawahara machine installation, training, technical support and spare parts sales are provided by ANC Machinery (UK) service technicians.

Kawahara blanking systems.

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