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The machine was especially designed in a short layout and finds a suitable place in your production almost everywhere. Its performance of up to 300 m/min is perfect for processing higher production runs. So of course the Diana Go can also be seen as a production supporting machine.

The machine concept allows you to process many types of packaging such as straight line, lock bottom and mailing envelopes from small to large. Masterwork and Heidelberg offer you a folding carton gluing machine with the highest safety standards, proven Diana technology with a certain extra flexibility and an unbeatable price-performance ratio.

Technical data

Processable materials
Material (carton)200 - 600 g/m²
Material (corrugated board)Up to F-flute
Min. carton width75 mm (45 mm optional)
Max. carton width850 mm
Performance data
Max. speed250 m/min (300 m/min optional)
Max. machine lengthapprox. 9.9 m (alignment module optional)

Webinar replay.

Watch the Diana Go 85 at work.

In this 25 minute webinar, watch the production process of two highly different jobs on the Diana Go 85 folding carton gluing machine: first, the production of a straight-line carton, then, a complete change-over into a lock-bottom box.

Discover the wide range of applications offered by the Diana Go 85.

1. Feeder and alignment

  • Designed for fast set-up
  • Friction belts with fast positioning carriers
  • Friction belt change in less than a minute without pulling driving shafts
  • Precise length and pressure adjustable feeder gates for a good control of even odd shaped boxes
  • Suction feeder system (option)
  • Blank alignment as option available
  • Alignment can be done to the right or left side
  • Alignment ruler sideways adjustable up to 40 mm

2. Prefolding module

  • Low side frame design gives perfect accessibility for the operator
  • Prebreaking for crease lines 1 and 3
  • Prepared for code reader
  • Lock bottom attachment (option)

3. Folding station

  • Shiftable upper right and left roller bar
  • Left before right
  • Central carriers as option: upper and lower roller bars can be easily installed and removed due to the lightweight design
  • Belt fold down to 45 mm open carton width are possible (option)

4. Machine interface and automations

  • Touchscreen for machine operations
  • Easy, intuitive handling of machine interface with self-explanatory navigation menu
  • Manu-Set function

5. Transfer section

  • Two upper and lower carriers
  • Manual adjusting of upper carriers and lower carriers
  • Ejector optional
    - Linear ejctor
    - Rotary ejector

6. Compression section

  • 600 mm wide compressing belt
  • 1.6 m Pressing Section
  • Soft rubber belt for precise pressure balance (option)
  • Start/Stop function (option)

What our customers say.

Polygravia, Switzerland
& UAB Druka, Lithuania.

When they signed the contract to purchase the Diana Go 85, neither Benoit Ayer from Polygravia, Switzerland (2nd to the left on the picture) nor Algirdas Apulskis and Tomas Ketlerius from UAB Druka, Lithuania (in the middle) had ever seen the machine.

"We fully trust the quality of Heidelberg products. That's why we signed the contract for the new Diana Go 85 before we even saw it. The first time we had an opportunity to experience this machine live was at a customer event at Masterwork in Slovakia in March 2019. Our trust has totally paid off".

Diana Go 85 brochure

The Diana Go 85 is manufactured by Masterwork and exclusively distributed and backed up by the professional and renowned, worldwide sales- and service network of Heidelberg.

The World of Packaging is Yours.

Heidelberg and MK Masterwork are the best choice to meet
the high performance requirements in the folding carton industry,
and to offer your customers new products, and solutions.


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