Flyers of all kinds.

Slitter shaft station.

Slitter shaft Stahlfolder SSP
With the Stahlfolder SSP, you can master the very wide landscape formats frequently required for flyers precisely and efficiently. The scoring, slitting and perforating station can be combined with flat pile, round continuous and pallet feeders. The spines do not break after folding, even with high grammages and full-surface printed substrates, because the fold is meticulously creased. To make sure of this, the AirstreamTable reliably aligns the sheets with the rule, despite the very small contact surface in landscape formats. The unique ball-free system leaves no marks behind.

You can combine the Stahlfolder SSP – available in operating widths 56, 66 and 82 – with all downstream stations from the Stahlfolder folding machine and delivery range, irrespective of whether your configuration is manual or fully automated.

Slitter shaft Stahlfolder MWS
The Stahlfolder MWS is designed as a downstream station. Available with a choice of right or left-hand feeding and operating widths 66 and 82, the MWS can be flexibly combined with other modules from the Stahlfolder portfolio, as the infeed and exit height is infinitely adjustable. The Stahlfolder MWS is also equipped with three pairs of slitter shafts, and can perform the same processes as the Stahlfolder SSP.

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Universal folding station with swivelling knife.

Four-directional folding unit VFZ 52.

The mobile, height adjustable four-directional knife folding unit VFZ 52 supplements buckle plate folding machines as well as combination folding machines. When used as third unit of a buckle plate folding machine, an operator friendly U-configuration minimizes walking distances.

With low investment costs, additional folding schemes and particularly thick products become processible. The knife folding unit is swivel-mounted and allows you to offer folding schemes like the international quadruple fold.

Mobile knife folding unit.

Four-directional folding unit VF 66.

It is common for binderies to require an extra folding unit to execute a final cross fold. The four-directional knife folding unit VF 66, with its independent drive and height adjustability, is particularly suited to meet this task.

Also glued and folded sheets can be processed using the VF 66 to produce final products. The optional rear mounted slitter shafts allow you to perform head and tail trimmings.

Sharper fold.

Pressing station PS.

The pressing station PS is an add-on unit for folding machines. It reduces the thickness of folded sheets after the last folding operation and presses the folds to make them sharper. This makes it significantly easier to stack folded products and creates the quality needed for saddle stitching or perfect binding.

The pressing station PS is a standalone, mobile unit equipped with an independent drive. Both, infeed height and speed are adjustable to match every production requirement.

90° sheet turning device for combination folding machines.

Stahlfolder CombiCurve CC 41.

The CombiCurve CC 41 is a separate unit for the Stahlfolder KH 82 and KH 82-P combination folding machines in conjunction with the palamides alpha hd stack delivery. The folded products are transferred by conveyor belts at the 16-pager exit of the cross-fold unit and turned 90°. What this means for you is greatly reduced makeready times when changing jobs because the entire delivery no longer needs to be pushed around the corner (by pallet truck). Instead, the palamides alpha hd delivery is pushed in parallel and conveniently on a rail system – from the 32-pager to the 16-pager exit. A transfer table at the 32-pager exit guarantees optimal sheet guidance to the CombiCurve CC 41 during this process. The entire folding system including delivery is therefore always positioned in a U-shape, no matter whether you are using the cross-fold unit exit for the 16-pager or 32-pager. This saves legwork for the operator and a considerable amount of space in your postpress department. Use the Stahlfolder CombiCurve CC 41 in the machine configuration with your Stahlfolder combination folding machine and benefit from greatly reduced makeready times.

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Transport folded products compactly.

Semi-automatic bundler HSB 34.

The semi-automatic bundler HSB 34 complements your existing delivery system. The folded products are bundled in a single operation to 30 to 40 centimeters long, pressed and strapped stacks. Thus, they are optimally prepared for interim storage, transportation or further processing.

The folding machine all-rounder.

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