Utilizing one hundred years of label expertise and sophisticated engineering, Gallus One offers a complete digital label solution, including all the software and hardware necessary to produce high quality, profitable digital labels.

Complete reel-to-reel digital label solution

Complete reel-to-reel digital label solution

  • Human machine interface: Key information at a glance and live review of print quality via video
  • Market-leading vision system for highest print quality at any speed
  • Automatic ultrasonic cleaning system
  • Automatic detection of splices by sensors
  • Optimized ink handling

Complete reel-to-reel digital label solution

With a compact footprint
and a high level of automation,
the new Gallus One is poised
to drive the digital transformation,
harnessing cutting edge features.

Human Machine Interface (HMI)

Human Machine Interface (HMI)

The user interface of the Gallus One is designed to summarize the most important information at a glance. For quality assurance, the print results can be checked live, via web video, while the press is running.

Human Machine Interface (HMI)
Vision System
Vision System

Vision System

The Gallus One utilizes a market leading proprietary vision system, which ensures supreme print quality at all speeds and on a wide range of substrates.

  • Adjusting the register setting at the push of a button
  • Live visual quality checks
  • Automatic compensation of missing nozzles — avoiding white lines
  • Automatic compensation of density variations — avoiding rainbow effects

Automatic Cleaning System

The Gallus One features a new, automated, automatic cleaning system that minimizes downtime and improves productivity.

  • A consistent cleaning process for improved print quality
  • Minimization of manual cleaning for improved press availability
  • Integrated printhead covering (capping)

Automatic Splice Detection
Automatic Splice Detection

Automatic Splice Detection

The sensors on the Gallus One automatically detect splices, letting them pass all print bars without loss of register and speed.

  • Minimizing waste
  • Increasing uptime
  • Print remains in register

Improved Ink Handling

Improved Ink Handling

The Gallus One features a newly designed ink management system that streamlines ink replacement. What’s more, and even while the press is running, the ink cabinet is easily accessible from the operator’s side allowing ink replacement without contamination. This functionality further improves productivity and system efficiency.

Improved Ink Handling

The Gallus One Ecosystem


  • Seamless collaboration between press and its key systems
  • Intuitive Prinect workflow for easy operation and control of the press
  • Compatibility of Prinect with third-party workflow systems


  • High-performance ink with vibrant colours and increased stability and reliability

Predictive services

  • Early detection of problems
  • Information on performance status and potential maintenance issues is sent to the Gallus HelpDesk via the cloud function

Inkjet technology

  • Highly automated inkjet technology for precise ink application with high process stability
  • Market-leading print quality, reliability and speed, and optimum control over all process steps

Technical data

Key Features

  • CMYK (up to 88 % PANTONE®)
  • White 85 % opacity (70 m/min)
  • 1200 x 1200 dpi (70 m/min)
  • 340 mm printing width
  • 1428 m2/h productivity
  • drop freeze pinning
  • automatic cleaning with ultrasonic technology
  • inkjet control – vision system
  • CO₂ – neutral

Area Condition
Room temperature20 – 25 °C
Humidity (rel.) 40 – 60 %
Air pressure (location) 700 – 1’060 mbar
Evenness floorFlatness of ±2cm over a length of 10m
Floor loadLoad-carrying capacity of 1’600 kg/m²
Voltage400V / 50 Hz [USA, CAN, MX optional: 480 V / 60 Hz (separate energy supply for cooling device)]
Connection power
3P + PE; Base Machine 50 A + GEW drying unit 30 A + DPU 24 A[USA, CAN, MX: transformer is required to connect Base Machine 50 A and DPU 24 A; GEW drying unit and cooling unit are connected directly to the customer’s power grid]
Compressed air6 bar, oil- and water-free
Exhaust air
≈ 1’100 m³/h (exhaust air temperature max. 50° C / ozone output during operation)
ComplianceCE, GS (UL on request)
Remote supportYes
Cooling system
  • Air for UV-Lamp-Heads
  • Air for Pinnings
  • Water for electronics and web (chill roller)
Network connection
  • Remote Support – Secomea for remote support
  • Prinect
  • GEW Support

  • Length: 6’330 mm / 250 inch
  • Depth: 1’760 mm / 70 inch [with cabinet: 3’351 mm / 132 inch]
  • Height: 1’901 mm / 75 inch [with exhaust air duct: 2’951 mm / 117 inch]
Workplace around the machine
  • Infeed: 1’000 mm / 39 inch
  • Outfeed: 1’000 mm / 39 inch
  • Front: 1’500 mm / 59 inch
  • Back: 1’000 mm / 39 inch [only needed without cabinet for Service]

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