Buying and selling used printing machines

When you buy your used equipment directly from HEIDELBERG, you know you are working with a trusted partner with a long history, technical competence and passion for print. And when it comes to trading in your used equipment, HEIDELBERG will again be at your side as a reliable partner.

As a customer of HEIDELBERG, you benefit from the print media industry's most comprehensive support network, timely availability of parts and service packages flexibly configured to your needs. More than 2 000 highly trained specialists ensure that your production proceeds smoothly, and that you can fully tap the potential of your investment.

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Buying HEIDELBERG remarketed equipment

A HEIDELBERG will always be a HEIDELBERG – even if it changes owners during its lifetime. HEIDELBERG's refurbishment program is unique. There are options to suit every requirement and every budget. These range from simple checks, thorough cleaning and preparation, right up to full refurbishment in one of our several dedicated centers around the globe. The genuine HEIDELBERG parts we use in this process are your assurance of prolonged machine life.

Selling your used equipment

You may be sitting on money that could go back into YOUR business with equipment you already have! Do you have a press in your shop that’s waiting to be refurbished? Fill out the form below and see if you could turn your old press into a new profit. We even take presses from competitive manufacturers.

Current used machine offers

Did you know? HEIDELBERG is the largest reseller of used HEIDELBERG equipment worldwide.

Our listings include hundreds of quality refurbished printing equipment for prepress, press and postpress. For more details about our current offering, please consult our international website or use the contact form below.

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