Prinect Axis Control is a high performance color measurement system for packaging and commercial printing.

Setup consists exclusively of assigning the inks. And even this is only necessary if something changes. The print control strip is automatically located and recognized on the printed sheet, as is the paper white. This means that Prinect Axis Control measures every job around three minutes faster than comparable equipment.

The maintenance-free LED lighting dispenses with costly bulb changes. A strong vacuum and automatic tracking of the print control strip almost virtually eliminate measuring errors and therefore repeat measurements.

Prinect Axis Control:

  • Operation and display via the Prinect Press Center XL 3 touchscreen
  • Additional color deviation display on the Wallscreen XL
  • Measuring head with powered horizontal and vertical travel
  • Autofocus to compensate for different printing substrate thicknesses
  • Space-saving micro print control strips can be used without restriction across all formats
  • Netprofiler for colorimetric calibration


  • Fastest spectrophotometer in its class, with a measuring speed of 200 mm/sec.(7.87 in/sec.)
  • Automatic print control strip tracking, including sheets in an inclined position
  • Maintenance-free LED lighting for long service life and cost savings



Everything you always wanted to know
about color management.

Even though modern digital imaging software can automate the process of color management, certain aspects will always remain subjective. Having a deeper understanding of the principles behind color management and what choices to make helps printers achieve optimal printing results.

Get the lowdown on colorimetry, densitometry, standardization in printing, dot gain vs. dot loss and much more in our expert guide.


Our color and quality measurement systems

Prinect Easy Control

Prinect Easy Control is the ideal entry point into spectral measuring technology – easy to use, yet with the precision you would expect from Heidelberg.

Prinect Image Control 3

Standalone color measurement system for connection to up to four Speedmaster printing presses.

Inpress Control 3

Highly automated spectral measurement system. Lays the foundation for Push to Stop.

Prinect Axis Control

Prinect Axis Control is the high-performance color measurement system for packaging and commercial printing.

Prinect Inspection Control 3

Two high-resolution color cameras in the coating unit of the press fully check each sheet for material defects, hickeys, ink splashes, scumming and so on to prevent follow-up costs.

Dipco Elements

The Prinect print control strips are optimized for color control on Speedmaster presses and the use of Prinect color measurement systems.


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