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6 ways in which brands are revolutionising folding carton packaging

The term ‘packaging’ refers to the enclosing of products - for their protection, storage, distribution, sale and use - a process that is indispensable in any product-based industry and has become a considerable industry on its own.

Although there are a number of packaging methods, folding cartons made of paperboard are one of the most preferred and environmentally friendly materials today. In this method of packaging, paperboard made from wood pulp, straw, recycled paper stock or other fibres, are printed, cut into suitable sizes and shapes, creased, folded and glued, and then used.

According to studies conducted over the last few years, these are the emerging trends in the folding carton market. Do read through and make more informed packaging decisions!

Embracing the digital

With endless possibilities for colour and design, digital printing and cutting are becoming increasingly popular in folding cartons. Choose digital printing options to extend personalised experiences, resulting in several versatile ways to attract potential buyers.

Moreover, digital means of printing and cutting are also becoming preferred because of their ability to speed up the short run printing and packaging process.

Making luxury a standard

Irrespective of the nature of the product, brands are now experimenting with luxury designs and finishing effects. Even in everyday market sectors, packaging with soft-touch coating, matte varnish, high-gloss finishing, embossing and even hot and cold foil stamping are leaving consumers delighted!

Premium branding, as this is known, has become a major enabler in the sale of products.

Going green

Over the last two years, more and more brands - especially in the beverage and convenience food industries - have replaced their plastic packing with more eco-friendly, renewable folding cartons.

In addition to being a more sustainable alternative, paperboard tetra packaging also gives brands the added leverage of potentially creating captivating designs.

Creating virtual windows

Another eco-friendly and innovative finishing technique, the folding carton is slowly phasing out the plastic window in product packaging.

Instead, using descriptive graphics complemented by shadowing and adequate depth-of-field, ‘virtual windows’ give potential consumers a sneak peek into what’s inside the box - at no cost to the environment!

Protecting packaged food

When food items are packed, it is important to prevent the absorption of undesirable contaminants.

Although barrier coatings on folding cartons have been used for almost a decade now, a number of improved curtain coating techniques, water-based coatings and thin-lined coatings have revolutionised the industry.

Experimenting with effects

With advancements in technology and evolving consumer preferences, folding cartons are now being packaged in several eye-catching, unconventional shapes, textures and forms.

These include velvety coatings, die cuts, gradient glitters and even child-proof and tamper-proof designs.

Which of these trends have you adopted in your packaging decisions?

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