Cutting machines.

POLAR cutting machines are easy to use thanks to their large touch screen and process visualization concept and offer quality cutting results.

  • POLAR Cutter D 56
  • POLAR Cutter D 66
  • POLAR Cutter D 80
  • POLAR Three-Side Trimmer BC 330

High-speed cutters.

POLAR high-speed cutters are key components in finishing. The current "N" generation is distinguished by the future-oriented platform for simple network integration and well-proven intuitive operator guidance.

  • High-speed cutter POLAR N 78
  • High-speed cutter POLAR N 92
  • High-speed cutter POLAR N 115
  • High-speed cutter POLAR N 137
  • High-speed cutter POLAR N 155
  • High-speed cutter POLAR N 176

Cutting systems.

Discover the wide range of POLAR cutting systems - from the traditional manual models to the highly automated ones.

  • CuttingSystem 120
  • CuttingSystem 160
  • CuttingSystem 200
  • CuttingSystem 200 PACE
  • CuttingSystem 300

Label cutting.

Discover our highly efficient solutions for producing die cut and square cut labels. Both manufacturing processes comprise components and systems for industrial production as well as for smaller and medium print runs.

  • Square-cut label production
  • Die-cut label production
  • Counter pressure die-cutting


The Speedmaster 2020 generation uses the immense
spectrum of digital possibilities like no other printing press generation before it.
Now is your opportunity to take advantage of this new potential
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