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Saphira Eco consumables

Heidelberg is continuously expanding its product range of environmentally friendly materials.

Always committed to the environment, Saphira Eco consumables are manufactured using renewable raw materials wherever possible and/or contribute to the recyclability of the end products. The Saphira Eco label stands for lower emission levels than those of most comparable products.

In addition to its ecological benefits – such as reducing emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC), ammonia, and particulate matter – Saphira Eco also stands for the use of fewer chemicals, and less waste water.

Saphira Eco consumables:

  • Are based on renewable raw materials and/or are recyclable;
  • Free of SVHC (CMR, PBT, vPvB) as per REACH;
  • Exhibit much lower emission values than comparable products;
  • Meet or sometimes even exceed applicable statutory requirements and industrial performance standards

Download the Saphira Eco
Criteria Catalog & Positive List

Our catalog of criteria contains a concise, factual representation of all Saphira Eco product groups. It highlights their relevant components and explains which criteria have led to Saphira Eco consumables being classified as suitable for green printing. Completing the catalog of criteria, the Saphira Eco Positive List offers an up-to-date overview of approved Saphira Eco consumables.

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