4 Packaging Trends for 2019.


4 Packaging Trends for 2019

Having a spectacular product with amazing service no longer cuts it! Product-based companies are now required to continuously come out with innovative packaging methods to give their customers a memorable unboxing experience. Packaging is an important part of how customers interact with your product - it paves the way for how customers physically interact with your products. Therefore, it is important that the packaging is aesthetically and functionally optimised for your customers and brand.

If you are looking to hit all the right chords with your packaging, read on to know a few of the most influential trends in the industry right now.

Green Packaging

With the entire world becoming more environmentally conscious about how the planet is treated, several companies have chosen the green way to package their products. Even cosmetic products like shampoos are now designed as bars instead of in plastic bottles. Millions of customers are on the lookout for companies which use greener methods of packaging - by using green packaging, you appeal to the eco-conscious part of their psychology while ensuring that the planet remains healthy. Therefore, try to reduce the use of plastics as much as possible and proudly display that in the packaging. This will also drastically improve your brand’s image.

Luxury Packaging

A significant portion of online shoppers belong to the millennial population and they demand a more luxurious feel to the products they buy. Any product that comes with cheap packaging is immediately considered as something of poor value. Therefore, investing in premium packaging for your products can go a long way in retaining this majority group of shoppers - attractive packaging is eye-catching when customers are scrolling past your posts on social media, and improves the customer experience too. In this world of Instagram and Facebook, where customers proudly post about the products they use, packaging aesthetics takes a front seat with millennials and Gen Z.

Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging finds its demand with customers who want their packaging to double as another useful item. Flexible packages can be anything from a bag with zippers that customers can use to carry groceries or even a microwaveable pouch or container. Consumers find an immediate appeal with packages which provide an additional level of convenience to them. It’s also eco-friendly, as you can reuse the packaging and thus reduce the trash burden.

Connected Packaging

Customers love to showcase innovative and digital add-ons that come with packaging. If designed well, connected packaging can be an effective way to get your customers to talk about your brand without a prompt! Companies are embedding their packaging with QR codes and other graphic markers which allow users to connect to the brand’s online presence. For instance, you can design a smart package which, when viewed through augmented reality applications, can provide your customers with an interactive experience. With several innovative approaches that you can try, the sky's the limit when it comes to connected packaging.

Ultimately, packaging should justify all the effort you put into developing your products. Unboxing a package in itself has become an important customer experience for buyers - the millions of YouTube videos of customers unboxing products stand testament to this! Therefore, it is important for businesses to tie the entire experience together for buyers with great packaging that stands true to the brand’s values while also being innovative enough to provide an experience of its own.

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