HEIDELBERG System Recovery.

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We've been seeing a sharp increase in critical virus and malicious attacks over the last twelve months. Safeguard your systems with an up-to date backup. Enjoy peace of mind!

HEIDELBERG System Recovery Subscription benefits: * We are able to rebuild your systems within a day or two. Without it, system recovery could take over a week.

Special pricing

Maximise profit with the Stahlfolder KH 82

Our Stahlfolder KH 82 allows you to expand your range with specialised applications, to enter new areas of business, and to add more value as needed. This will ensure your success, in the future.

The Stahlfolder KH 82 gives you an extremely fast combination folding machine with ultrafast makeready and stable production, combined with automated cross-fold units which reduce the time spent on makeready by up to 80% depending on the job.


Folding Rollers.

Add value and peace of mind when you take Heidelberg's combined supply & fit offer to replace your folding rollers!

Combined supply & fit package

Through the supply and fit package you will save around 15% off the normal rate for labour and save on both the installation labour cost and the cost of your new extra grip rollers. Plus you get something money can't buy; the peace of mind knowing that your equipment has been serviced by trained and qualified Heidelberg engineers using tried and tested original Heidelberg service parts.

You wouldn't have your car serviced by just anyone, so why service your Stahlfolder through anyone but Heidelberg?

..it's time for a cuppa!

Improve speed and quality with Versafire EV and relax.

Short run digital printing is a challenge. Low order value. High precision. Requests for embellishments and more. Without the right tools, it can result in high-cost, low-quality production.

The Versafire EV supports long banner printing and five colour printing, with a white-first option, providing reliable production of standard CMYK jobs as well as embellishment with seven special toners. Metallic toners also open up the opportunity for luxurious designs and additional applications.

Meawhile... enjoy your cuppa! Have a great day.

Too good to end!

24 month warranty on spare parts for
the Stahlfolder BH/CH range.

Too good to end! 24 month warranty on spare parts for the Stahlfolder BH/CH range.

No matter whether your focus is professional quality and fast turnaround times, consistently high output, or modernizing your postpress setup, the technology of the Stahlfolder BH/CH folding machines will always deliver good results. Their ease of operation makes them suitable for producing a wide range of signatures for producing books or commercial products like flyers.

Stahlfolder BH/CH folding machines boast high reliability, stable productivity and constant folding quality. Replace your old manual machines with state of the art automation to decrease your make ready times and increase your output - easy to use & operator friendly.

For more information contact Chris.Bann@heidelberg.com
T. 07973 678 536

Cut your costs.

POLAR high-speed cutter with Handling options.

Take advantage of our Special Offer and experience the quality, efficiency and durability of a POLAR high-speed cutter with Handling options.

With the help of the peripheral equipment, Cutting Systems 200 produce up to 100% more output than a solo high-speed cutter. Ergonomics are improved, as well, because manually lifting heavy loads is not necessary for loading or unloading. The precise alignment of the cutting reams in the automatic jogger improves the quality considerably.

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