Heidelberg Eco-Friendly Speedmaster

CO² -neutral Speedmaster presses

Around 260 metric tons of CO² are produced during the manufacturing process for the Speedmaster XL 106-6+L. Heidelberg offsets these greenhouse gases for the presses in the Print Media Center by purchasing climate protection certificates. These certificates can also be purchased by customers for their machines. By purchasing these certificates for CO² - neutral Speedmaster printing presses, print shops are supporting the ecological and social sustainability initiatives Heidelberg is running in the forest regeneration region of Sodo in Ethiopia.

By doing this, they also have the opportunity to make their own image “sustainable”. The possible positive domino effect achieved by initiating further projects in the sense of the UN sustainable development goals is quite intentional.

Reforestation in Sodo, Ethiopia, following the principle of FMNR

Tony Rinaudo, also known as the “forest maker”, was named the winner of the Alternative Nobel Prize, the “Right Livelihood Award” in 2018. He developed the Farmer-Managed Natural Regeneration (FMNR) method, by means of which new roots can be coaxed from the roots of fallen trees in the Sahel Zone. In this way, together with the local population, he succeeded in pushing back the desert and developing new habitats.

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