Completely die-cuts in-mold labels for further processing in a single pass.

The rotary die-cutter features an optimized sheet travel to guarantee high production speeds and top product quality. As a special feature, the Speedmaster XL 106-D can also be connected to a CutStar with register cut for die-cutting preprinted rolls. At the delivery, an automatic tape inserter separates individual sheet packages in non-stop mode. In combination with the Speedmaster printing presses, the rotary die-cutters are the perfect team for producing in-mold labels economically – with up to three times higher production speeds, up to three times lower tool costs and up to three times shorter makeready times. The Speedmaster XL 106-D single-unit rotary die-cutter boasts a small footprint and low investment costs.

Speedmaster XL 106-DD

The Speedmaster 106-DD twin-unit die-cutter combines another important production step in a single operation. The first unit places the injection hole with extreme precision by means of a die on a magnetic cylinder. Even the tiniest holes of five millimeters diameter are possible. The waste is reliably removed by an additional extraction system.

At a glance

  • Maximum die-cutting format of 740 mm x 1,050 mm (29.13 in × 41.34 in) with material thickness from 0.03 mm to 0.3 mm / film thickness 50-80 µm
  • Equipped with Preset Plus Feeder and Preset Plus Delivery
  • Foil package for the feeder, die-cutting unit and delivery
  • Two suction segment disks transfer the sheets from the impression cylinder to the sheet guide plates
  • Sheet guide plates are equipped with Venturi nozzle technology
  • Dynamic sheet brakes in the delivery

Technical data

Market leader
in sheetfed solutions.

Speedmaster premium
offset technology.

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