Binderyonics increases production capabilities and cuts makereadies in half with Stahlfolder Ti 52.

The need to increase capacity and tap into small format printing led Binderyonics from Illinois, USA on the search for a flexible, cost-effective solution that would also improve productivity. The Stahlfolder Ti 52 with continuous feeder and STA 40 vertical small format delivery proved to be the perfect match to help the Chicago trade bindery increase production capabilities.

Versatility and Productivity

“We wanted to break into small format folding, but we didn’t have the equipment to do it,” said Dan Griffin, President. “With this folder, we’re not only able to fold small format pieces, but we are doubling what we produce on two other machines.”

The Stahlfolder Ti 52 is the flexible solution for the format class 50 x 70 cm, satisfying a host of high-quality folding requirements and a broad spectrum of fold types. The Stahlfolder Ti 52 supports the shortest of fold lengths with multiple parallel and cross folds — making it ideal for small formats such as packaging inserts for cosmetic or pharmaceutical products, user instructions and other advertising material. The versatility of the machine allows for quick and easy folding of both simple and complex folds.

From Feeder to Delivery

For Binderyonics, the Stahlfolder Ti 52 comes equipped with a continuous feeder allowing the shop to cut makeready times in half. With this feeder, the operator places the stock in a shingled stream on an extra-long feed table allowing for fast loading without stopping. Users of this feeder achieve roughly 20% higher output than flat-pile feeders.

To further their production capabilities, the Illinois bindery ordered a custom STA 40 vertical small format delivery designed specifically for easy handling and optimum delivery of small format products. A brake in the pile magazine prevents the signatures from popping up, while a marking device staggers the pile laterally into clear and counted batches.

“This unique, custom piece of equipment will give us the edge against others in the market,” said Griffin. “It is perfect for producing small advertising pieces, specifically for the pharmaceutical industry.”

One-Stop Shop

Since 1993, Binderyonics has remained committed to serving its clientele through the latest high-tech equipment, efficient workflow and exceptional customer service. Specializing in large production runs at competitive prices, Binderyonics is a premier one-stop shop producing trade binding, finishing and mailing fulfillment for the Chicago and Midwest market.

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