Les Editions Quo Vadis.

Speedmaster SX 102-8-P. A 32 percent increase in productivity, 57 percent less paper waste, and 70 percent less startup waste are figures that impress Quo Vadis on a daily basis.

The ultimate in efficiency

Les Editions Quo Vadis has found its very own market niche by specializing in the production of pocket organizers and is the market leader in this segment. The impressive increase in productivity has cut working hours by 18 percent over the past six months. In addition to productivity, though, quality is also vital for these premium organizers, which are mostly printed in four colors. “We primarily use light grammages that require two hundred percent register accuracy. That’s extremely important to us and it was also the main reason for us choosing the Speedmaster SX 102, because the press benefits from highly efficient sheet reversal,” explains Patrick Douard, who is in charge of press and postpress operations.

Les Editions Quo Vadis was founded in 1954 and the print shop became a subsidiary of the Exacompta Clairefontaine Group in 1999. Virtually the entire printing and finishing workflow takes place at the 18,000 m² Carquefou site. The 260-strong workforce produces some 10 million organizers each year for export to 45 different countries across the globe, especially in Asia and elsewhere in Europe. Sustainability is extremely important to Quo Vadis. The company has obtained certification to several environmental and ISO standards, and also the “Origine France Garantie” label. Naturally, the Speedmaster SX 102 benefits from carbon offsetting and alcohol-free production – a fact that is paying handsome dividends. One major customer that had switched production of its pocket organizers to Asia has already reverted to Quo Vadis due to environmental considerations.

As Patrick Douard sees it, the green credentials and productivity of the Speedmaster SX 102 are based above all on the Prinect Inpress Control inline measuring and control system for ink and register, and the AutoPlate Pro fully automatic plate changer. For him, the press’s key features also include its efficient washup programs and user-friendly operation. According to Douard, “The latest technologies from Heidelberg have helped Quo Vadis achieve the increase in productivity we were looking for and satisfy our customers’ new demands.”

Les Editions Quo Vadis, FR

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