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Heidelberg launches new colour contracts at open house


Heidelberg has created a series of new colour management contracts which it will launch at its open house next week.

“We want customers to have access to the best information, advice and implementation but to tailor the service we provide to a range of companies with different needs and budgets,” says Paul Chamberlain, who heads up the Heidelberg colour team. “We have introduced a system defined as Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze.”

Print Colour Management allows printers to calibrate and control colour across a number of presses, saving time and enhancing quality. ISO 12647-2 certification is a great sales tool but the certification is per press not across a whole pressroom.

The top Platinum PCM contract allows Heidelberg to offer full Print Colour Management for the proofing devices and printing presses and includes Heidelberg ISO 12647-2 certification. This is a two year contract and includes a mandatory annual re-verification.

The Gold offers full Print Colour Management for proof and press without certification for two to three presses and the Silver the same for one press. The Bronze is a colour health analysis to ensure the press can run to agreed colour targets and to check ink pre-setting curves and dot gain. The PCM proof is self explanatory.

“We have 22 Heidelberg ISO 12647-2 certified printers in the UK and anticipating adding another 50% over the coming year but we also believe that some of those with certification (and others without) will want to have the broader PCM service. Colour remains a critical issue with the recent legislative changes ,” says Mr Chamberlain

Those changes include revisions to the main ISO 12647-2 colour standard as well as the ISO 13655 (2009) illuminant and ISO 13655 lighting standards. The changes extend the range of papers and better reflect the widespread use of optical brightening agents and also the use of UV.

Heidelberg remains in pole position in terms of colour with exceptional depth and breadth of knowledge in its service team, its comprehensive range of spectral measurement devices, its stringent and workable ISO 12647-2 certification scheme, Colour Club and its training courses on the subject in Brentford.

Members of the Colour Club who renew their ISO 12647-2 after two years will receive a star on their logo which they can use for promotional purposes. When they renew a second time they are awarded a second star and so on. It will allow print buyers to see how entrenched the colour control methodology is in any business.

For further information please contact:

Diana Thompson, Plus Point PR Ltd, on 01494-817178
Paul Chamberlain, Heidelberg UK, on 020 8490 3500.

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