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Daniel McLoughlin @Employee Spotlight


This time on Employee Spotlight, we have Daniel McLoughlin. He is someone who has been taking care of the office and its essential services, even while many of us have been working from the comfort and safety of our homes due to the COVID-19 situation.

1. What is your current role at Heidelberg?

I am currently handling Maintenance and Facilities at Heidelberg.

2. What aspect of your role do you enjoy the most?

My favourite aspect of the role is that no two days are the same; every single day is different!

3. Could you tell us how you have been supporting our staff/customers amidst the COVID-19 pandemic?

Over the last month, I have been privileged to help out in many ways. I helped many of my co-workers move their machines and other equipment, so that they could work from home during the lockdown period. I’ve also continued to work outside my home, supporting the IT team in sending out equipment to users and assisting fleet services to organise car deliveries/collections. Some of the smaller chores I’ve taken up include refilling bottles of hand sanitiser for our engineers as well as sending out and receiving posts on behalf of Heidelberg and its employees.

In addition to all this, I have been taking care of the general maintenance of the office building.

I have to mention that I haven’t done it alone. I have been lucky to have the support of a few colleagues as well. Barry Pearce, especially, has been a massive help during this time. He has been assisting me remotely, over the phone, and I want to say that I really appreciate it!

4. Where would you like to go on (a well-deserved) vacation after the coronavirus outbreak ends?

After the pandemic is over, I definitely look forward to visiting my family in America.

All of us here at Heidelberg would like to thank Dan for all the big and small things he has been doing for us, and for doing it all so selflessly.

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