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Pensord look forward to turn-of-the-year ten-colour


Pensord Press will take delivery of its first ten-colour press at the turn of the year and the first Speedmaster SX 102-10P in the UK.

Having the fifth and tenth unit will allow it to seal lighter grammage work, particularly on silk papers, or to provide special colours. “It will create new opportunities,” says Karl Gater, operations director.

The magazine, catalogue and yearbook printer has selected Heidelberg’s Speedmaster SX 102 which uses a smaller plate and provides cost effective production to printers who do not need the very high volume output of the XL 106. Pensord’s new press will be equipped with Inpress Control and Autoplate Pro.

“The efficiencies we need are in the slick makereadies and great colour control. The price differential did not warrant us buying the faster XL technology but we did want automated register, colour control and plate changing,” says Mr Gater.

This is a company which employs 150 staff, including apprentices, and runs 24/7 to produce 380 regular publications for 240 publishers. It mails out 9 million packages a year. It puts an emphasis on having people with the right attitude who can be involved and instigate change, armed with the right equipment and a focus on quality, delivery and value.

The Speedamster SX 102-10-P replaces an eight-colour SM 102 which it has run for nine years and which is already provisionally sold. This means there will be a lift in plate use but it has two devices which give it a total of 72 plates an hour capability which will see it through comfortably. Pensord identified the need for faster throughput in the postpress department and added a Stahlfolder KH 82 earlier this year so there will be no post printing bottlenecks as a result of the higher output of this press.

“For customers this investment means we can offer an even bigger portfolio, more choice. It is rare for us to have to turn work away and this will be further reduced because our latest purchases will allow us to offer full colour, seals, specials and digital production,” says Mr Gater. “Our staff see this as a positive investment that is good for business and the company as a whole.”

Pensord was the first UK company to purchase the recently launched Linoprint CP digital press and its litho line up from the new year will include the ten-colour Speedmaster SX and two B1 Speedmaster XL eight-colour presses, one with a coater.

For further information please contact:
Diana Thompson, Plus Point PR Ltd, on 01494-817178
Karl Gater, Pensord Press, on 01495-223721
Matt Rockley, Heidelberg UK, on 07899-662986

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