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Stephens & George completes switch to Speedmaster XL 106


Next month Stephens & George will switch its final XL 105 for another 18,000sph Speedmaster XL 106-10-P. It follows on from the eight-colour XL 106 which featured the 300th CutStar, delivered earlier this year. This means the company will be running five XL 106 presses.

“This press will feature CutStar 106, Inpress Control and Autoplate XL,” says managing director Andrew Jones. “They are vital tools for us. We are a company that can produce a range of work in volume and with high productivity but without any compromise to quality. We work to ISO 12647-2 colour quality standards to ensure we retain consistency. The market remains competitive but the largest and most efficient companies are the ones which will thrive,” says Mr Jones

Stephens & George’s first 18,000sph Speedmaster XL 106-8-P achieved 22% greater productivity than the 15,000sph XL 105 it replaced. This has spurred it to continue its replacement programme, seeing the huge difference the latest press technology can make. Mr Jones has said he would never buy a press again without Inpress Control inline colour and register control and Autoplate XL automated plate changing.

In fact this will be the first Stephens & George press with Inpress Control 2 second generation inline spectral measurement. This version can measure metallics and opaque white for the first time, makeready times are further reduced and waste sheets cut by an additional 10-20% typically. It gives automatic measurement on the run for register and dot gain which is ideal for ISO 12647-2 production. Furthermore it is supplied with a new handheld spectrophotometer with online calibration via Net Profiler which means there is no need to send the device away for calibration.

Stephens & George is a 103 year old company which employs 231 people and generates a turnover of £25m, of which 40% is from magazines, 40% is from commercial contract work and 20% from one off jobs.

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Andrew Jones, Stephens & George, on 01685-388888.

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