We run introductory, intermediate, as well as advanced level courses.
We can also provide customised training to suit your specific needs.

All our product training courses will be run on the latest equipment and software at the Heidelberg Training Centre.

Printer training courses for sheetfed offset

1. Basic Training
Learn the basics of operation, configuring sheet travel, maintenance and care instructions for your printing press, and much more. We recommend this training course for novices or new machine installations.

2. Performance Training
Take your skills to a professional level. The customized workshops can include key topics such as Push to Stop or Print Color Management (PCM). Deepen your knowledge and learn more about the ways of increasing printing speed as well as reducing paper waste and setup times.

3. Special Training
For special applications and peripherals on your printing press, we additionally offer you training courses on the following topics:

  • Measurement devices (Easy Control, Axis Control, Inpress Control, Image Control, Inspection Control), colorimetry, color theory
  • FoilStar/cold foil embellishment
  • CutStar
  • UV drying
  • Security printing (rainbow printing, letterset application)

Versafire production training

1. Base Level
Learn the basics for operating the Versafire hardware and software. This training is normally carried out directly on the installed Versafire.

2. Professional Level
Take your application and media skills to a professional level. This training includes the Media Management Tool.

3. Performance Level
Use the full potential of your hardware to ensure high availability and top productivity.

Media Management Tool

The assistant-aided user interface enables the time and work needed for setting up the media to be significantly reduced. The front-to-back register can be easily set up without any manual calculation. Even the advanced settings can be modified. All settings can be saved, exported, imported, and even assigned to a tray so that no media settings are lost. In the event of a malfunction, the settings can be sent to our service department for investigation.

Postpress training courses

User training courses for folding and mailers

Our training courses are aimed at employees who want to build or deepen their knowledge. In the basic and advanced training courses, the participants learn about various techniques, how to make special folds, how to use special equipment, and much more.

User training courses for die-cutting, embossing, and gluing

In the areas of die-cutting, embossing and gluing, we offer your employees an extensive training offering ranging from basic to advanced level as well as workshops on special topics.

Interested in our training programs?

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