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Did you know that Heidelberg UK offers a unique opportunity for entry-level technicians? Our apprenticeship programme trains technicians in using Heidelberg's cutting-edge technology.

Through the programme, you gain a unique skill set. The transferrable skills you learn give you access to a global market. And at the same time, you earn a competitive salary, supported by full employee benefits.

Daniel McLoughlin, one of our apprentices, had been handling building maintenance for three years when he applied to be an apprentice in the Installation team. "I'm really enjoying my new role! I've been going to a lot of different places, to install new machines. It's been a lot of fun!"

During the peak of the pandemic, Daniel was taking care of the office while we were all working from home. Today, he's delighted to be able to travel around the region in his new role!

"This apprenticeship is offering me a great opportunity to learn new skills. No two days are the same, and it's great to learn, through experience, from every opportunity," said Daniel. "The Heidelberg Apprenticeship programme challenges you to achieve the highest technological standards. The best part is that you have the opportunity to work on the most advanced equipment in the industry."

If you are interested in working with advanced machinery, do apply for the apprenticeship programme. We are always looking for qualified, passionate individuals to join our team and grow together. For more information please contact us at uk.careers@heidelberg.com.

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