An investment in Print Color Management is not only an investment in your business today, but also in your future business.

Heidelberg’s name is synonymous with top quality and we not only supply the presses, software, workflows and spectral measurement and monitoring devices that make colour reliably consistent but we offer consultancy services that ensure you have the skills and procedures to make it happen.

The Heidelberg Colour Club consists of UK companies that have undertaken and passed Heidelberg’s rigorous ISO12647-2 certification. Colour quality sells, print management companies were the first to demand provable colour standards but this has become a requirement for a growing number of tenders. Print Colour Management focuses the mind on production processes and so has the side benefit of reducing variables and with that, cutting waste as well as minimising the risk of disputed or rejected jobs. With Prinect Production Manager and Analyze Point, printers can also have the documentation to prove to customers that the colour quality was produced to the tightest parameters.

Heidelberg’s regionally based colour teams, which combine prepress and press specialists, audit a company wanting to implement ISO12647-2 certification. They then help to calibrate equipment from the press back and set up internal procedures to ensure standards are maintained moving forward. Sheets are not just checked in the UK by the Heidelberg Print Colour Management Specialist but are also sent to our colour laboratory in Heidelberg Germany. They are checked against the strict criteria of the ISO 12647-2 standard, with the stringent analysis of homogenous inking, solid colour values, dot gain, fit, register and dot reproduction quality, all over the sheet and throughout the run. The standard applies not only to conventional presses but also to LE-UV and LED-UV presses as well.

Anyone renewing their certification (biennially) becomes an Elite Member of the Heidelberg Colour Club. Elite Members is reserved for printers who have demonstrated their long term commitment to the ISO 12647-2 print standard. Appreciating the distinction and benefits it brings, our Elite Members have renewed their certification after 2 years, undertaking the rigorous process again. Heidelberg’s colour control devices like Inpress Control and Prinect workflows automate the process. Indeed Heidelberg’s “push to stop” concept or autonomous printing strategy allows the machine to set the pace, updating and implementing jobs automatically and working to optimum colour standards with operators there to stop rather than to start the process as required.

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