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The Subscription Model: Five Reasons to Get On Board.


The Subscription Model: Five Reasons to Get On Board

A number of industries today are moving away from manufacturing products for sale and towards modelling services around their products. While our previous generations thought of owning a home, a car, or an office, even if it meant spending the rest of their lives paying for them, today’s generation believes in making smart use of resources, without feeling the compulsion to own them.

Perhaps that's why the subscription model is already a big part of the present - and is looking set to dominate the future too!

Subscription: The Present and the Future

The Subscription Economy Index shows that the industry has seen an exponential growth of over 300% in seven years. The Harris Poll also found that 71% of adults, across 12 countries included in a survey, utilise subscription services. More than 53% have been using subscription services for over five years. Nearly 6 out of 10 people around the world are also expressing their desire to “own less stuff”.

In the UK alone, an estimated 58 million - around 90% of the British adult population - are subscribed to online/offline services of some kind or the other. Put simply, usership - not ownership - is on the rise!

Be it for entertainment, personal use or commercial purposes, opting for a rental/subscription model sure has its benefits. Let’s take a look at some of them:

The liberty to choose

Once you make a purchase, you have to use that product for as long as you can, if not for a lifetime! With a subscription model, you can try a particular product or service for a specific period of time and continue to use it only if you are satisfied.

The joy of seamless upgrades

With technology growing at a rapid pace, you need a way to upgrade your products equally fast. When it comes to investing in an expensive product (especially for business use), you must be sure that it won’t become obsolete too soon or risk the possibility of losing your competitive edge. There will be no such regrets if you opt for a subscription model. Just upgrade your plan and keep up the times!

The power of customisation

Whether for personal or for commercial use, your needs are not the same as everyone else’s. And for that reason, the features and functionalities you use in a particular product, or the services you wish to avail will be different from that of others. With a subscription model, you are given the power to pick and choose only what you need, and pay only for what you actually use.

The freedom from liabilities

From music to movies or equipment needed for a start-up business venture, a subscription model empowers you with what you need, how you need it and for however long you choose to keep it. There are no obligations to tie you down if you don’t like what you use! What’s more, subscribing to a service often frees you from the hassles of care, maintenance and upkeep as well.

The first step towards sustainability

The subscription or “usership” model, in the long term, is good for the earth. Just imagine, instead of users around the world owning things and throwing them out to buy more things when they become outdated, subscription encourages a sustainable model wherein fewer units are shared for greater utilisation. After all, the millennial generation doesn’t equate success with material possessions anymore!

The Heidelberg Subscription Advantage

Gone are the days when you had to own or buy a car to drive one; you can simply rent it through an app in your smartphone and use it like it’s yours. You don’t have to worry about a hefty car loan to pay back or regular maintenance - you simply need to pay a budget-friendly monthly subscription!

Now, imagine the same scenario, only with high-quality, latest-in-technology printers and machines. That’s the Heidelberg subscription model for you. However, there’s one big difference between subscribing to a car service and renting a printing machine from Heidelberg - our printing machines are available for commercial use. And this means you can earn more than you pay, and enjoy the profit without actually making an investment!

Whether you are a printer with an existing business or someone who is considering to begin one, the Heidelberg Subscription model can be used to scale up or get started instantly. From the latest technology to automated processes to word-class service support - and everything in between - you can enjoy all the benefits of Heidelberg equipment, without having to own one!

Click here for detailed information on the subscription model or get in touch with us today!

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