Following a roller wash trial at a large magazine printer, press instructor Neil Collier reports:

The customers current set up would mean that the minders, before doing a blanket wash would have to:

  • De-ink the blankets before the end of the run (wasted sheets)
  • Prime the blanket wash before they could start the blanket wash procedure (wasted time)
  • Upon start-up they would have to potentially put in the bin between 50 and 100 sheets job and image dependent, sometimes more as the wash would remain on the blanket (wasted sheets)

The wash up tanks were emptied and replaced with Saphira Wah 562; the water tank was also cleaned out due to bacterial build up. The water tank was then filled with a mix of water, 5% Saphira water fix and water purification tablets.

The wash program was left on the intensive wash to ensure that the wash and water would be pulled through the pipework sufficiently and to do a like for like test.

Once they got running from job to job the operator commented that the blankets after a wash were immediately dryer than previous. It was decided to drop the de-inking of the blankets but left the wash on intensive, also there was no need to prime the wash system before commencing with a blanket wash.

Once the job was started the waste going into the bin was significantly reduced to between 15 and 25 sheets. The operator checked a few sections and he commented that he would sell sheet 11 or 12.

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