Employee Spotlight.

Business Driver & Product Executive Sheetfed.

Matt, what is your role at HEIDELBERG?

I am a product executive for sheetfed products for the Northern European cluster including UK, Denmark, Sweden, and South Africa.

What is the favourite part about working for HEIDELBERG?

I would say the favourite thing about my job is a good mix of several things from enjoying the challenges of the business day to day, working with people who are also dedicated and passionate about HEIDELBERG and their goals, the equipment is world class and very interesting to understand. The favourite part must be the people and the customer interaction.

What is your proudest moment at HEIDELBERG?

This may sound somewhat nerdy but Presenting the Speedmaster XL 106-6LYYL packaging press last Drupa to our customers, although it was very nerve racking it was equally rewarding.

What is on your wish list for the next 10 years with HEIDELBERG UK?

To continue to support our customers in all aspects of print, to continue to enjoy my job - and use the HEIDELBERG gym more!

How do you define success?

I like to maintain a consistent level of productivity and take both my successes and failures in my stride. I try to learn from both and apply that to future situations. Success is hard to define, so if you want a slogan or three. Good health, wealth and happiness will fit perfectly for me.

Best vacation you’ve been to?

Australia for sure. What an amazing place, other than the jelly fish in Port Douglas!

If given a chance, who would you like to be for a day?

It would have to be Iron Man, but I am more than happy being me!

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